Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phillips wac700 and 3x was700 ?

Phillips wac700 and 3x was 700 for sale these are brilliant you load a cd into the main unit and it copies it onto a harddrive and then sends the music thru wifi to the other stations around the house you can play different songs through each of the stations only selling as no room for them sell my Harman Kardon soundsticks II in very good condition. system works perfectly. see description below: The Harman Kardon SOUNDSTICKSII Computer Speakers are computer speakers that are designed as a plug-and-play multimedia system. These Harman Kardon computer speakers come with a 20 W RMS subwoofer to allow for high-quality sound output and better bass. The SOUNDSTICKSII computer speakers have a touch control button that allows users to directly access volume easier than with other systems. The Harman Kardon SOUNDSTICKSII Computer Speakers have a striking design with clear casings that allow users to see the technology within the device. These Harman Kardon computer speakers utilise a computer-focused multi-band parametric equalisation for high-quality audio output that is both clean and crisp. The SOUNDSTICKSII computer speakers weigh around 11 lbs (4.9 kg) and are 15.5 by 11.3 inches (39.3 by 28.7 centimetres), and are clear enough that the casings display a futuristic style In good, fully working condition, although probably needs the cartridge replacing. There are a couple of cracks on the lid, hence the low price. Any other questions, please contact me. Infinity RS5000 speakers (pair) black. Need repacement drivers, or possible to fix with a refoaming kit. See photos to check condition of the drivers. EMIT Ribbon tweeters are in good condition One grille is missing,however replacements are available. Any other questions, please contact me. The Hi-Fi itself is in as-new condition, the bundled speakers are also in good condition however one of them has a small dent o


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