Friday, October 26, 2012

PA Complete System,12 Chanel Soundcraft Desk; TWO sets Active Speakers, Stands ,Leads .

Power Drive REF 37E Speaker Stands TWO Active Speaker RCF Art 310A : 480 W TWO DB Opera 402D Active Speaker [12in woofer 300W rms] TWO SoundCraft EFX12 MixerDesk KAM Mixer Case with Laptop Shelf XLR to XLR leads 10m THREE XLR to 1/4 in Jack leads 10 m TWO And various power leads ALL KIT only one year old Like new surround sound speaker system. 3 months old and from the U.S. Comes with 5 satellite speakers and a large sub-woofer. Independent power transformer also included. Adjustable main volume and separate bass volume. Can be used with mp3 players, computers, gaming systems, tvs, etc. *******OPEN TO OFFERS*********** NEED THE SPACE HAS TO GO HI THIS SPARE SHARP CD HIFI SYSTEM HAD BEEN IN THE SPARE ROOM FOR OVER 2 YEARS CHECKED IT AND CD PLAYER TURNS HOWEVER CD NOT PLAYING (NO SOUND) CD IS SPINNING) RADIO AND CASSETTE WORKNG FINE EXCELLENT CONDITION WELL LOOKED AFTER HARDLY USED WHEN WE DID USE IT PICK UP A BARGAIN MIGHT JUST NEED CLEANINIG NEED THE SPACE DUE TO FAMILY EXPNADING The monitors are in perfect working condition, having only been used for production in my bedroom at low volumes. They have a couple of minor cosmetic marks, but are otherwise as new. I am selling these speakers, as I am unable to get a flat bass response in the room I am now in and need to purchase some speakers with a smaller cone size, very sad


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