Friday, October 26, 2012


This sale is for an integrated amplifier and stereo speaker system for PC or Mac computers.   They will conect to your computer via the headphone/speaker socket for music, games etc for better sound than the computer can offer, by boosting the output with a small amplifier and playing it through 25 watt speakers. • 25 watt power output • Volume and Tone controls • Double insulated • Own power lead/plug, so not draining laptop batteries • 7 inches tall by x 3.5” wide Good condition with only slight marks from use.    I can post to mainland UK for P&P of 8.80 Please note: I am in BOGNOR REGIS. Thanks for looking. 8GB PINK IPOD NANO! WORKS AMAZINGLY HOWEVER IT IS A BIT SCRATCHED ON THE BACK AND IT HAS AN ENGRAVING. THIS CAN BE COVERED. IF YOU REQUIRE A VIEWING IN WEST MOORS, PLEASE RING 07880351876! I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON. Gale Sub10 Subwoofer 65W 35.00 Compact and boomy, v good condition, see full spec below: Power rating 65Watt Impedance (nominal) N/A Sensitivity for 2.83 V Input sensitivity (240mV for max output) Frequency response 40 - 150 Driver details Crossover continuous/active Shielding no Cabinet Dimensions mm H305 x W305 x D305 &


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