Wednesday, October 24, 2012


KENWOOD R-SE7 / R-XG7 50 WATTS CLASS A AMPLIFIER ...........LOW VOLUME PURE CLASS A OUTPUT CLASS A BUTTON ............AMPLIFIER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AM / FM RADIO TUNER ...........MONO / STEREO RDS FULL METAL CASING THIS IS NOT A COMPONENT PART BUT A REAL STAND ALONE CD PLAYER ON MAIN PHOTO NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE W: 200 mm H: 77 mm D: 278 mm EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION SUB WOOFER PRE- OUTPUT QUALITY SPEAKER CONNECTIONS MINI DISC /AUX / CD / TAPE INPUT AND OUTPUTS ( SUB-WOOFER PRE OUTPUT ) DEMO FOR BUYER NO TEXT MESSAGES TELE GARY ON 07563677028 NO TEXT messages I Have for sale my DJ Speakers and Peavey amp these have served me well and are very powerful never let me down the speakers are Deltec carpet cabinets with kappa 10inch 500watt speakers each in the top and a 80watt kappa eminence horns total in one speaker 580watts. Then we have the bass bins Eminence Kappa 15inch 600watts each then you even get the peavey 2600 amp in this lot i have used this amp and it is a work horse never let me down i have drilled holes in the top of the amp these allows more air flow so you dont drive it to hard and i put a fan on the top this allows air flow into the amp and not like the little air fan on the back to have such power you need your system to run cool these are used items so the usuall wear and tear but is all working to full and very powerfull spec i will even give you the poles and the speakon leads x 4 the total speakers are 2300watts of power the peavey 2600 is 3600


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