Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loi-Station TimeCube alarm clock radio & speaker system/charger for iPhone 3, 3gs, 4 & 4s and iPod +

i-Station TimeCube is a distinctive and compact alarm clock radio & speaker system for iPhone and iPod. This speaker system and FM radio also recharges your iPhone / iPod and has a great space saving design of only 90mm cubed. With its large digital screen for clock and menu functions, it features two alarms with sleep & snooze functions, and your choice to wake up to iPhone / iPod, Radio or Buzzer. 4 Watts RMS, yet only 3.75 inches cube. 6 FM radio memory presets. 3 dimmer levels for display and a 3.5mm stereo line-in cable for playing other audio devices. Start the day on the right note and wake up with the TimeCube. Excellent condition as hardly used. A pair of Numark Pro TT-2 decks in good condition. With needles. Features: Selectable plus or minus 0 to 10% or 0 to 20% Variable Pitch Adjustment All Metal Tonearm (234 mm effective length) Diecast Aluminum Platter (330 mm diameter) Direct Drive High Torque Platter Motor and Electronic Brake START/STOP Button 33, 45, and 78 RPM Speeds Quartz Lock Mode (0% pitch) Forward and Reverse Platter Direction Top Plate LCD Display shows: Play/Pause Mode Quartz Lock Mode Digital Platter Speed and Pitch Change Percentage Rotating 12 Segment Display synchronized with platter direction and speed Pop-up Stylus Target Light Platter Strobe Light "S" Shaped Tonearm Assembly with: Counterweight Adjustment Height Adjustment Skating Adjustment Height Lock Lever Lift with height adjustment Tonearm Rest with locking clamp DJ Tech Mix 101 Complete DJ Setup. 2x CDJ & 1x Mixer. DJ tech Mix 101 Mixer Details - Mini USB C


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