Friday, August 31, 2012

Pioneer Car stereo - DEH-4700MP front panel only (face plate) !

This is a Pioneer EEQ MOSFET 50wx4 DEH-4700MP car stereo front panel only. It is in working order with no damage. It is used and does have some signs of wear, but it is still pretty sleek. This is a bargain at 10 only. This is a high quality iphone speaker dock bought for 100. Called the JBL Radial. Not to be confused with the mini / micro dock. It charges your phone too. Practically brand new, comes with the box, remote control and accessories. iPhone not included. It has an aux in to accept other audio input. I have not tested this machine .... but it has been in storage for a good while .. the cabinet is in reasonably good condition ..... Just the look of this item is worth the 50 quid . REGA ELICIT INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER DUAL MONO POWER AMPS BUILT IN WITH A PRE STAGE. RATED AT 2 X 80W [ RMS ], WILL SOUND AWESOME WITH RIGHT EQUIPMENT. VERY GOOD CONDITION. FULL WORKING ORDER. I HAVE OWNED THIS SINCE NEW. THE NEW MODEL COSTS 1,530. "The Elicit incorporates a fully symmetrical circuit, unique because it is symmetrical at all stages. The circuit includes a fully regulated tracking power supply feeding the pre-amp and the driver stage of the power amp. The amplifier employs only two amplification stages. By designing our the uneccessary buffer stage and area of potential colouration has been removed. The Rega amplifiers include extreamely high quality components not normally found in an integrated unit. These include high tolerance polypropylene capacitors and a plastic film volume control. The Elic


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