Tuesday, August 28, 2012


DR DRE MINI SOLO HD EXTREME SOUND, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED SOUND CANCELLATION AND EXTREME BASS ALL COLOURS AVAILABLE : BLACK - WHITE - RED - YELLOW- PURPLE - PINK COLLECTION WELCOME DELIVERY CAN BE ARRANGED BIRMINGHAM, WALSALL, WEDNESBURY, WOLVERHAMPTON, SUTTON COLDFIELD PAY BY CASH OR PAYPAL, WHAT EVER SUITS ONLY 20 CALL OR TEXT ON 07852252314 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ALSO AVAILABLE: Tour with control talk small packing 10 Tours Hard Box 20 Mini solo HD 20 Beats Mixer 40 Solo HD 50 Justin Solo HD 50 Studio 60 Solo HD Wireless with Control Talk 100 Detox 120 I have owned these Quad Speakers for around 25 years and recently had them serviced by Quad at the IAG Service Centre at Huntingdon. Fantastic result, as they now sound really incredible. However, sadly, as I am now downsizing, I must sell them. The speakers are fitted with black grills which look amazing and really modern. (The highlights on the speaker grilles photos are caused by the lighting, not marks on the grilles.) As you can see from the photos, the appearance of the units is excellent, but as you might expect for items of this age there are some very minor marks. These obviously do not affect the performance and it is possible to refinish the units, although personally I believe it is better keep them original. The EHT blocks and treble units have been replaced to give top quality performance. This is a great opportunity to own and listen to these superb speakers. This is a high qu


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